Prices and shipping costs

Price includes tax. The shipping costs depend on the amount of goods ordered and the type of shipping and will be clearly communicated to you before you place your binding order.

Overview of shipping costs

    DPD 8.00 € or from 100.00 € order value free shipping


The presentation of the products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalog. After entering your personal data and clicking the "Complete order" button in the final step of the ordering process, you are placing a binding order for the items in the shopping cart Were off. Confirmation of receipt of the order follows immediately after the order has been sent. The purchase contract is concluded with our delivery confirmation or delivery of the goods. If you do not receive a delivery confirmation or delivery from us within 2 weeks, you are no longer bound to your order.

treaty text

The contract text is saved. You can view the general contractual terms at any time on this page and save them on your computer. The specific order data and the general terms and conditions will also be sent to you by email.


The expected delivery time can be found in the product description. If no information is given there, delivery will take place within 30 days when the order is accepted.


The warranty is subject to legal regulations. For information about any additional manufacturer guarantees, please refer to the product documentation.

You can reach our customer service on weekdays by phone: 06641 96660 or by email at